What do I do when I feel lonely in marriage?

January 30, 2023

I had the privilege of chatting with my friend, Les Parrott, for a video segment on Loveology.org. We discussed feeling lonely in marriage.

He asked me a question he’d heard frequently, “I love my spouse, but I feel lonely in my marriage…what do I do?” Watch the video below for my answer.

Click the following link to check out the rest of my videos on Loveology with Les and Leslie Parrott.

Johnny Parker

Dr. Johnny Parker is a relationship architect who helps couples build marriages that flourish. He and and his wife, Lezlyn, are the authors of Keeping Intimacy Sweet & Simple (aka K.I.S.S.), which helps couples kiss their way to marital bliss. Johnny is also the co-founder of The Parker Group LLC, which provides leadership/relationship development and coaching. You may have seen him or his work featured on CNN, FamilyLife, The Washington Post, the NFL, and more You can learn more about Johnny here.

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