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True marital bliss is possible.

Around 630,000 divorces took place in the US in 2020. That means 1.27 million people divorced that year. That tells a bleak story for married couples today, and for those who are considering marriage.

The world is filled with various philosophies and influences that compete against the story God intends to tell through marriage. Couples don’t have to accept these alternatives nor follow these ideas, which lead to brokenness and people who devalue God’s orginal design for marriage.

Johnny and Lezlyn Parker know there is a great marriage story for each couple waiting to be written. A story with Jesus as the Author.

By booking the Parkers, you can inspire your audience to live out a story of marital bliss and win in their marriage, the way God intended them to win.

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More about the Parkers

For over 20 years, we have served as relationship architects helping couples build marriages that flourish. Through our marriage conferences and coaching we have inspired over 200,000 couples.

We’ve served as national speakers for various well known and influential organizations and people. This includes FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember Marriage Conferences as well as an invite to the White House with a select group of marriage educators to discuss strengthening marriages in America.

We’ve served as life coaches and chaplains for the Washington Redskins and Washington Mystics, as well as relationship coaches to the Pittsburgh Steelers players and their wives.

Thousands have watched our video teachings on CNN, BET, NBC News and our YouTube channel. And thousands more have read our written work through the Christian Post, Ebony, and Essence.

Additinoally, we’ve written several books, including our best selling book, Renovating Your Marriage Room by Room, and our latest book for couples, Keeping Intimacy Sweet & Simple: Kissing Your Way To Marital Bliss.

Our passion is about serving as “Life Editors” and helping pre-married and married couples surrender their stories in exchange for God’s better story.

Most Requested Speaking Topics

Here are a few of our most requested talks. We also customize a talk to fit your need and audience.

When God Writes Your Love Story

Your marriage is telling a story. Is it telling a story of mystery, drama or love? You can turn the page as you surrender to Jesus as the Author of your story.

5 Bricks for a Rock-Solid Marriage

Will you build on sand or rock? How you build determines the success of your marriage. Discover the 5 bricks for building a lasting and fulfilling marriage.

Healthy Me, Strong We – Writing My Love Story in Advance (Singles)

First know your story before you marry. Who are you? What do you want? Why do you want it? Being healthy means fully owning your strengths and challenges. Experience the joy of spiritual/emotional health and position yourself for authentic love and relationship success.

Esther’s Secrets - Changing Your Man Without Him Knowing What Happened

With Queen Esther as your coach, learn the eights secrets for winning the heart of your man.

10x Better Man

The number “10” in the Bible refers to maturity. The 10x better man is called to live and love above average to the glory of God – spiritually, physically, emotionally, relationally, mentally, and financially. Find your true purpose as you embrace a 10x lifestyle.

Home-Cooked Leadership

The relational skills you learn at home are essential for winning at work. Discover the seven skills for flourishing at home and thriving at work.

What People Are Saying

Johnny and Lezlyn are “the real deal.” They are excellent communicators on the platform but even better close up – authentic, passionate, filled with grace and easy to listen to and follow. We recommend Dr. Johnny and Lezlyn Parker with 100% enthusiasm.
Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg

America’s Family coaches, The Rosberg Group

Like an architect, Dr. Johnny Parker with metaphorical eloquence, intertwined with scriptural reference, gives us the guidelines of building a lifetime of love.
Dr. Tony Evans

Senior Pastor, Oakcliff Bible Fellowship

Dr. Johnny and Lezlyn Parker are phenomenal! They give such wise and practical wisdom! You can actually apply it to your relationships! I’m super thankful for the Parkers!!
Michelle Williams

Author of Checking In, Destiny’s Child

In preparing to perform my first wedding as an ordained minister, the premarital counseling of the couple was mandatory. The book that was the bedrock foundation of these counseling sessions was Dr. Parker’s Renovating Your Marriage Room by Room. Not only did it open the eyes of those being counseled, it reinforced what was crucial to the ongoing success of the marriage of yours truly! And it is still front and center on my reading night stand.
James Brown

Sportscaster, CBS Sports/Showtime

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